Dr. Chodosh offers a unique KORUKO massage that incorporates his own specializations as a naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist.

Experience a KORUKO massage and feel rejuvenated, vitalized and relaxed.

KORUKO can be given either in your home or at Dr. Chodosh’s office in Astoria, Oregon. Please call for details.


The massage combines all these modalities in your treatment. You can also request any single modality or combination if you prefer.

  • Cranial sacral therapy: a gentle bodywork that connects to the body’s flow of energy or prana done on the cranium or head and the sacrum or base of the spine. It’s purpose is to smooth the movement of the energy through the body allowing for the intelligent healing pranic energy to flow unimpeded. During the massage, the technique is used solely on the head and the sacrum. The cranial sacral technique (CST) of tuning into the body’s energy can also be used as a form of massage replacing the shiatsu. A massage with CST alone lasts about 90 minutes and costs $60 extra.
  • Shiatsu: an acupressure massage that stimulates acupuncture points along all 12 of the body’s meridians or energy channels but uses no needles but just finger pressure. The massage begins at the neck and shoulders moving to the arms and legs in a series of acupressure point stimulations. Acupressure moves stagnant energy, vitalizing the points and freeing the energy so that it might flow more freely throughout the channels of the body. A portion of this acupressure massage is also spent on the feet for a short general reflexology treatment.
  • Polarity: this technique is used towards the end of the massage to balance the sides of the body using a gentle and relaxing touch.
  • Acupuncture: Done on the scalp and ears only but always optional, this acupuncture can treat imbalances in the entire body through the concept that all systems of the body are mapped out on various areas such as the hands (used in Korean acupuncture), feet (reflexology), ears (auricular therapy), scalp, arms, legs etc. This mapping has been used in many systems of acupuncture and is used here to stimulate the healing and balancing properties of these localized mirrored images to treat the whole body. The scalp points are standard points for mental clarity, calmness, and spiritual focus, while points in the ear (as a mirrored image of the body) vary and treat the body more systemically.
  • Chakra balancing: I use 2 separate modalities for chakra balancing. One is based on the cranial sacral technique of opening the 4 diaphragms in the body which correspond to areas of the 2nd, 4th and 5th chakras of the body and the medulla whose counterpart is the 6th Another modality is finding and balancing each chakra through touch beginning with the 2nd chakra. The chakras are found and balanced using cranial sacral technique and Dr. Chodosh’s ability to feel prana and the rotation of these energetic vortices. The Chakra balancing techniques are unique and can be requested to be included in your massage decreasing the time of some of the other modalities or it can be added after the hour massage for approximately 15 minutes more at a $30 extra charge.

COST: $120 for an hour massage without any add-ons as described above

Please Note: The message is clothing optional

so it can be done fully clothed.

Please shower before your visit and if you prefer to be massaged fully clothed than please wear loose clothing but

no denim, corduroy or dresses. Tights and sweats are fine.

Dr. Lowell Chodosh ND, LAc. has been practicing naturopathic medicine in Oregon since 1992, and acupuncture since 1996. Based on his ability to feel prana or life force energy, Dr. Chodosh has developed a new paradigm of medicine he calls, “Resonance-based Medicine.”

Balancing the body’s pulses to allow the body to heal itself